Product team as a service

Form a team for the project;

Join your team;

Implement rapid hypothesis testing;

Traffic demand testing

Test hypotheses;

Test sales channels;

Get feedback from customers;

Build a unit-economic model;

Product Research

Identify priority segments;

Confirm the presence of a problem;

Formulate hypotheses;

Define the functionality for MVP;



A cloud-based system for accounting for rent, contracts and rental payments with a simple interface for all types of rental business. Wide analytics and reporting tools, object occupancy monitoring, EDI, built-in CRM, integration with 1C, SMS / E-mail, virtual PBXs, banks and other functionality. Completely our development. Stack : YII2, PHP, MYSQL, JS. Now on the support.

pdoc bot

A cunning telegram bot that will give you a certificate of negative PCR testing in a matter of minutes. Help is generated on templates from popular laboratories: Hemotest, Helix, Invitro, Unilabs, UDL Dubai. Convenient, fast and easy!

Reengineering, refactoring, software development

Fixing bugs, introducing new features, code refactoring, switching to an alternative stack, searching for vulnerabilities.

WEB quality audit (sites and applications)

System analysis of the state of a web project: assessment of the client side, audit of the server code, load testing, server inspection, fault tolerance study.

UI / UX (interface design)
and usability studies

From prototype to specification. For user convenience and business efficiency. Development from scratch or improvement of existing products

System Administrator

The service is used by several thousand stores. The best parcel tracker in the CIS.

1 600 ₽ hour

1C programmer

The service is used by several thousand stores. The best parcel tracker in the CIS.

2 500 ₽ hour