A cloud-based system for accounting for rent, contracts and rental payments with a simple interface for all types of rental business. Wide analytics and reporting tools, object occupancy monitoring, EDI, built-in CRM, integration with 1C, SMS / E-mail, virtual PBXs, banks and other functionality. Completely our development. Stack : YII2, PHP, MYSQL, JS. Now on the support.

pdoc bot

A cunning telegram bot that will give you a certificate of negative PCR testing in a matter of minutes. Help is generated on templates from popular laboratories: Hemotest, Helix, Invitro, Unilabs, UDL Dubai. Convenient, fast and easy!

Easy Fast Booking

The first in the Russian Federation (2010) system of block rating of rooms for tour operators. Dynamic prices, seasons, workflow automation, replacement fund and other “goodies”.


Social network for travelers. A cool scalable project with a modern stack and a “safety margin” for heavy loads. FROM TK to MVP, it was completely achieved by our team. Now on the support.


The service is used by several thousand stores. The best package tracker in the CIS with notification of recipients by SMS / phone / Viber. Black list of Russian clients, auto-calling of debtors, filling out documents for sending, developing …